Metropolitan Europeans in Active Network, Inducing Novelties in Governance

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Period: October 2016 – September 2018
European programme of reference: Europe for Citizens


Fostering collaboration of EU Cities and Metropolitan Areas on the future of EU cohesion policy and Urban policy.


A thematic network of European Metropolitan Cities has been built in order to exchange experiences about the management of Metropolitan Cities and their role in the future of European governance, regarding in particular the future of EU cohesion policy and Urban policy.
Consequently, MEANING is the start of a lasting collaboration between partners devoted to improve the tools for citizens’ participation in public decisions. It is based on international events as well as local activities. Six international events are aimed at citizens mainly, especially at the youth, at policy-makers, public officials, elected local representatives of municipalities, metropolitan areas and regions, as well as politicians at national and European levels, representatives of other European Metropolises and of Metropolitan cities networks (Metrex, Eurocities).
Other targeted actors are trade associations, NGOs, associations active in the fields of public urban transports, social inclusion, European affairs etc.


Five international events, aiming to spread knowledge, capitalize on the experiences of the partners to identify best practices and innovative solutions for metropolitan governance and civic participation in decision-making, have already been carried out: 

  • in Milan in February 2017, on the topic “Models of governance of the Metropolitan Cities and the future of the European Urban Agenda”,
  • in Porto in June 2017, on the topic “The key role of Metropolitan Areas as International brands”,
  • in Brussels in October 2017, on the topic “Cooperation between European Metropolitan Areas and reforming cohesion policy”
  • in Gdańsk in November 2017, on the topic “Smart Metropolia – Metropolitan areas and sustainable development of the country"
  • in Barcelona in April 2018, on the topic “How Cities and Metropolitan Areas are using European funds for strategic projects and in redevelopment areas”.

The last event will take place:

  • in Zagreb in September 2018, on the topic “Sustainable urban transport and civic participation”.

These topics are core functions of cities and metropolitan areas, whose role in the European governance is currently discussed and evolving. They also have a direct impact on citizens' lives. The final conference will also wrap-up on the project outcomes and propose a follow-up to strengthen the network of metropolitan cities.

The Partners are the Metropolitan City of Milan (Italy, coordinator), Metropolitan City of Barcelona (Spain), Metropolitan City of Gdańsk (Poland), City of Zagreb (Croatia), Metropolitan City of Bari (Italy), Riga City Council (Latvia), Metropolitan area of Porto (Portugal) and ALDA (European association for local democracy, France). The Metropolitan City of Lyon (France) and the City of Craiova (Romania) have been also involved.

Furthermore, the partnership covers various European areas from the Baltic region to the Balkans, as well as South and South-West Europe.

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Data creazione: 06 April 2018

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