PON Governance - DESK Project

NOP Governance - Decision support System and support of territorial Knowledge

Pon Governance

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Period: May 2018 – May 2019 
European program of reference: National Opertational Programme (NOP) Governance, Institutional capacity-building.


Promoting the transfer of good practices among P.A. by defining reuse kits for both applications and governance models. Final objective (2020) is the creation of a community of good territorial practices.


The project includes the reuse of the Knowledge Territorial (KT) portal to support the knowledge of the territory, good practice adopted and developed by the Metropolitan City of Milan for the provision of consultation services, participation and Decision Support System for the creation and consultation of territorial indicators.
The re-use involves 3 other large area entities and allows to start projects of aggregation of innovation services on a supra-municipal scale, as required by the Delrio law.
The good practice provides a management model consolidated over the years and easily transferable and adaptable to other contexts, also thanks to the possibility of reusing the following elements: organizational management model; administrative instruments of accession; governance models; set of opensource applications and services.  
The evolution will concern the concert platform applied to the governance planning processes.


  • Migration of the Knowledge Territorial System (KT) on CMM servers
  • Integration of KT Portal into the CMM portal
  • Workflow description of KT projects
  • Application manuals
  • Design of the evolution of the system
  • Sharing with other project entities and some pilot municipalities
  • Development of the system
  • Training
  • Growth towards autonomous management of the system
  • Participation in working groups with other bodies
Ultimo aggiornamento: 22 June 2018
Data creazione: 11 June 2018

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